BarberSociety Live event


BarberSociety Live was launched in 2016 by Marc van de Hare as the ‘live’ experience presented by the BarberSociety’s private social network for barbers & barber shops on Facebook in the belief that the growing men’s trade deserves its own event.

Nowadays, BarberSociety Live is the Benelux’s largest and only barber event that focuses on barbers, nationally and internationally, and their interests. The international event features a diverse mix of shows, workshops and product presentations given by industry-related and lifestyle brands that combine to create a ‘men’s world’. It is consequently also appealing to barbershop customers. In 2020 it will not only be the leading annual meet-up in Amsterdam where barbers from the Netherlands and abroad meet, exchange knowledge and gain inspiration, but it will also be the not-to-be missed lifestyle event for men in general!

Watch the 2019 aftermovie!

More information:

The first edition of BarberSociety Live in 2016 was a dream come true for me. It was amazing to see how everyone came together! That comradery is a distinguishing feature of our profession. No matter where I am in the world, if I walk into a barbershop and tell them I’m a barber too, they immediately feel like family. And that’s exactly what we achieve through BarberSociety Live: an event that reflects the unique atmosphere of a barbershop. A cool place to get together to gain information, education and inspiration, while enjoying great conversations with colleagues about the business over a couple of beers. Sure, we know each other through online channels, but nothing compares to speaking with each other in person. It’s fantastic that BarberSociety Live has emerged as the leading annual get-together for barbers from all over the world that includes a Barber Battle giving you the chance to further develop your skills.

I am very proud and grateful that BarberSociety Live is seen by many as the best barber event in Europe!
— Marc van de Hare, founder BarberSociety