BarberSociety is the leading platform for barbers and men’s hairstylists

The platform is committed to contribute to the development and promotion of barbers/men’s hairstylists and the industry. Starting point is to connect barbers/men’s hairstylists nationally and internationally.

Trust in your craft enough to admire it, study it, perfect it, breathe it. Never stop getting better at whatever it is that you love to do..png

BarberSociety develops initiatives that promote professional knowledge, experience and trends. Activities that support this are the private Facebook community, BarberSociety, an annual event for barbers, BarberSociety Live, and BarberSociety magazine (published in Dutch and English).

BarberSociety is an initiative of Marc van de Hare, the third generation of a barbering family and owner of an award-winning barber shop ‘Van de Hare Amsterdam Barbers’ and co-owner of BarberSociety B.V.

As a third-generation barber, I wholeheartedly believe this is the best profession in the world. But we’re not there yet: hairdressing colleges don’t devote sufficient attention to barbering and there is room for giving barbering a more prominent profile and positioning.

I think it’s important for our profession to be taken seriously and believe it’s key for us to focus more on improving quality. Exchanging experiences and knowledge with colleagues at home and abroad is a vital element of achieving this objective. That’s what inspired us to launch the BarberSociety Facebook community back in 2013. Our aim: to connect barbers so they could help each other. Being part of a community, both makes you a better barber and ensures the continued development of barbering as a craft.
— Marc van de Hare, founder BarberSociety